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Getting Your Music Played on Walmart Radio: A Step-by-Step Guide for Recording Artists

Having your music played on Walmart Radio can be a game-changer for independent recording artists, offering a unique opportunity to reach a massive audience of shoppers in Walmart stores across the country.

With millions of people visiting Walmart stores daily, the potential for exposure and engagement is immense. In this in-depth guide, we'll walk through the process of submitting your music to Walmart Radio and showcase examples of artists who have successfully made it onto their playlists.

Step 1: Understanding Walmart Radio

Walmart Radio is an in-store audio broadcasting network that plays music, announcements, promotions, and more across Walmart stores nationwide. It reaches millions of shoppers daily, making it a prime platform for artists to showcase their music to a diverse audience.

Step 2: Statistics and Audience Reach

Walmart attracts an enormous number of shoppers every day, with approximately 140 million customers visiting their stores weekly in the United States alone. This massive foot traffic presents a significant opportunity for artists to connect with a broad and engaged audience.

Step 3: Examples of Artists on Walmart Radio

Several independent and mainstream artists have had their music featured on Walmart Radio, including:

- Taylor Swift

- Drake

- Ed Sheeran

- Lizzo

- Billie Eilish

- And many more

These artists' presence on Walmart Radio demonstrates the platform's diversity and willingness to feature a wide range of musical genres and styles.

Step 4: Submission Process

To submit your music to Walmart Radio, you can use their online submission portal. The portal typically requires artists or their representatives to provide information such as:

- Artist name

- Contact information

- Song title(s)

- Genre

- Release date

- Brief bio or description

- Audio files (MP3 format is commonly accepted)

- Artwork or album cover image

Once you've filled out the necessary details and uploaded your music, it will be reviewed by Walmart Radio's team for potential inclusion in their playlists.

Step 5: Link to Submission Portal

Here is the link to Walmart Radio's submission portal: [Walmart Radio Submission Portal](

By following these steps and submitting your music through Walmart Radio's official portal, you can increase your chances of getting your songs played in Walmart stores, reaching a massive audience of shoppers and potentially gaining new fans and listeners.

Remember, persistence and quality content are key when pursuing opportunities like Walmart Radio. Keep creating great music, engage with your audience, and explore various avenues to expand your reach and impact as an independent recording artist.

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